Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Colorado Landscape- The Bristlecone Pine.

While in Colorado I found the things I miss about the area. Bottle Brush evergreens, So I called them, the botanical name is Pinus Aristata also known as Bristlecone Pine. The Aspen trees look so beautiful, and the gardens attract Hummingbirds. I could hear them but never we able to see them. My Picture post for today is the Pine.

This is the Bristlecone Pine it grows at the elevations of 5,000 - 11,000 Feet.We were at 10,593 feet at the time I took these. the Pine is rounded pyramidal shape; branches have bottlebrush appearance; short, dark-green needles with specks of white resin; spiny cones; needs well-drained soil; slow-growing. I really like that smell of this tree, it is that of a sweet pine, clean with a woodsy undernote. The Needles are so soft. Below is a closer view of the Needles and cones.

This is a baby one they grow to 10 to 45 feet high. I just love the young look of this Pine tree.

You can click on all the photos to enlarge them for a closer view.


  1. I like pine trees since they stay green year round, especially in the winter, they give me joy to look at.

  2. I too love Colorado. Don't have those pictures in digital format...was there too long ago. Need to get some pics out and do some scanning. lol

    Question, how do you add the need pictures and other links/stories you might enjoy to the bottom of your post?

    I really like that, so many times things are connected to a previous post.



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