Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ruby Tuesday--One Ruby Ball

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I Planted ground cover under a tree by the side brick patio. I have always loved Brick Patios since I was a child. There is just something very quaint about them. This is one of the first thing we have put in upon purchasing the house.

The Bricks are called Cathedral , Color Red/Black. I really like the shape and the soldiers brick placed around them enhances the Cathedral Style bricks. Here is a closed up view.

(You can click on the Photos to enlarge them)

Now here is the Ruby Ball, I bet you thought it was the ball in the first Photo.
While tended to the Pachysandra Terminalis {Japanese Spurge} I spotted one Red Berry. The birds must have missed it. I just had to take a photo right then in fear of a bird watching and waiting to savor the taste. We all know it's about the moment of opportunities.


  1. Love that one berry! Inspired moment. You're just up the road from us -- we're near Dulles Airport. To answer the question -- the little dress was about 10 inches tall. At first I thought it was a Barbie dress, but then saw the metal parts sticking out. A really silly 'no one needs this' kind of thing...so I photo'd it, rather than purchase!

  2. Oh this is so sweet ... probably literally :-)

    Enjoy your Ruby Tuesday

  3. We are putting down pavers on our new patio as well... similar color... a rusty cinnamon with shades to gray and a bit of tan thrown in as well. They may get started on it this week.

  4. That single berry is arresting and makes for a great shot. I also love the pattern of the patio brick. That is a study in geometry. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Love your brick patio!! and what a lovely picture of the single berry !

  6. Great patio!
    And I love that red berry in green :D!

  7. Lovely brick work makes the area look polished. Better grab that berry quick!

  8. love the brick patterning

  9. Love that shot! A little red amongst the green leaves!

  10. I love those bricks! And the berry is lucky it's hidden behind those greens, lol. Happy RT

  11. dear auntie e
    thank you for your kind comment over at my blog and here i am finally coming to see yours!
    those bricks are just glorious!
    in welland the city has finally taken off the cement on parts of our city roads to reveal the red bricks which used to be our roads.
    it is so pretty that here and there we are getting a peek at our history.
    i think that brick is much more durable than cement and asphalt!

    your little red berry that the birds missed is really cute.
    this week my husband and i and the little red car drove out to the country and took some pictures of the cherry trees. the sweet cherries have not quite ripened yet but i thought they would make for a good ruby tuesday post and here you, auntie e have beaten me to the punch with this single little ruby red berry!
    what a precious treasure it is, sitting so prim like among the frail green leaves!
    god bless you, and you know i will be back as time permits to read some more of your most interesting blog....love terry

  12. That is a beautiful brick patio..I like it very much too! Hope all is well with you!


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