Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nature In My Yard

We have 2 Bird houses. Both are active. The first one was here when we moved in 9.5 years ago. Birds occupy this one all the time. It seems that different birds use it though out the Spring and Summer. Robins, Chickadees,Sparrows and Wrens are among the Nesters. The Robins start out in the house then move to another location once the birds outgrow the house. Watching them building a new nest is fun. I have never been able to catch them moving the chicks. It isn't long before another family occupies the house. A chickadee family has moved in to set up house.
This one is the home of Sparrows. The little one are now ready to began flight. The parents kicked them out and now are watching them. See the one in the picture perched on the side? It just did not want to fly. We watch it for a while and the parents were yelling at it. It just sat there. Earlier hubby found it in the shed, we kicked it out. Now it is still in the Bird house home.

Here it is on top of the house just a few minutes later. It wasn't long before it was in the house.

This is the older birdhouse. Can you see the little peeps beaks? What a riot, they made a lot of noise. These were robins, they are now in flight, out of the house.
We have a bird that visits the fountain daily. It likes to take a bath in the top under the fountain flow sprayer. I managed to take a photo, although I had to take it from behind glass. He comes back several times. I just could not get over the tenacity of that bird.

Now to the rabbits, we have quite a few. Here is one for your viewing pleasure. I enjoy watching them on the deck and in the yard. Earlier in the spring we had a family killed. Managed to safe a couple of the young babies. Released them into the Known Rabbit hole. So one of the bunnies comes up to the glass doors and look in. I think that might be the one we had to feed for a couple hours. He was so little and size of my palm. We later released him into the Rabbit Hole.We have other critters in the yard. As I catch them on camera I will post more through out the summer.


  1. I had a couple of birdhouses at my previous house. I never actually caught a bird using it. Cool!

  2. What a great backyard you have, all the animals seem to really enjoy it there.

  3. Got a couple of extra rabbits here you could release to your rabbit hole. They've sure eaten lots of my plants. They're not one of my favorite creatures at the moment. Though they can eat all the clover they



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