Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garden Snake,Oh My!

Getting the bed ready for plants I moved a garbage can top. I had been cleaning up the area and hubby had taken the garbage can out to the recycle pick up site. Now the Top had been left on the garden plot area. when I lifted it a Garden Snake was under it! At first I was taken back, then I just watched him. He was looking it me and then slithered on his way. Garden snake are good so, I will not move him to a location across the way. However I got to thinking about my Nephew, he is 5 and I can just see him picking it up and bringing him to me.... saying "Look Auntie E what I found". So today at church we asked what he would do if he found one . To my surprise the answer was, beat it with a stick! All I can say to that is... Watch out Garden snake! Critter is coming next weekend!


  1. Yikes! I hope we don't have any snakes here.

  2. That is such a little 'boy' thing to say! Your nephew has me grinning! That is the wonderful age where every stick is a sword:) My son used to sleep with sticks instead of teddy bears!

  3. after a stressed out day with writing a paper I found your blog and glad I did, I laughed at your last comment. Thanks for that. Course not sure I would've been able to leave a snake in my yard. Ewww.


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