Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh, That Lilac Smell!!

Since I was a small child the smell of lilac was one of my favorites. I remember going to my Grandma Graces' home and having that smell through out her yard and house. Grandpa usually Trim the Lilac trees, then brought them in the house. I can't remember how many she had. However the smell was wonderful!! As I Teenager we lived in Rochester New York. There was a park there called Highland park. It was Nicknamed Lilac Park due to the many Lilac trees. Just going to the park and getting a whiff of the Lilac was a joy. I planted a couple Dwarf Lilac Tree about two years ago. They bloom Spring through Summer. The smell is marvelous. I love having a cup of tea sitting by them. We so need to work on Smell-a-vision for blogs!! In the mean time here is some views to enjoy.
You can move your curser over the slide to see Label for each slide. You can also slow or pause them.

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  1. Lovely! They bloom that long? Our white lilacs are blooming right now - I'm loving the fragrance. But they won't last too much longer.


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