Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- A Light and the Wild

Sounds like a book title huh.... glad you stopped by. First the Light.

The photo below is a light a purchased for the Gazebo. by day a loving Red Geranium plant.
By night a wonderful Soft light. I will try to get a photo for later in my,
"It's Night in Auntie E's Yard" post. Summer is coming and the night time is always glowing in our yard. There's a lot of Night Activities.

Now for the Wild..... There are some wild Strawberries in my yard. I love the ground cover.
This is under my Rosemary bush. I love to use the rosemary in all kind a recipes.

A few years ago we discovered Wild Raspberries growing in an area. We decided to leave them alone and now we have a lot of them. They are just beginning to ripen. Can you see the rubies waiting to be harvest soon

A Closer look...

One more Ruby for you to view. We are in the mist of a Mural being Painted. You can learn more about it Here.

Check out more rubies at Work of the Poet.


  1. Love those red and green colors. It look so gorgeous! Happy Tuesday!

    Ruby Red Tuesday

  2. mmmm, raspberries are my favorite. The chandelier is cool too.

  3. Wonderful shots for Ruby Tuesday! The wild raspberries and strawberries sound delicious, and look great, too.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday from Joysweb!

  4. Lots of geraniums popping up on RT this week.

    I'm jealous of your berries. I adore rasberries but they don't really grow here and so are prohibitively expensive (when available at all).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  5. wonderful shots! and the mural too! so beautiful :)

  6. l love wild strawberriesx great images for Ruby Tuesday x lynda
    If you have time my images are at http://chocolatelifeandjazz.blogspot.com

  7. I like your rubies! Those strawberries look great!

  8. the strawberry looks like the strawberry in the farmtown in Facebook hehehe, nice ruby tuesday entry. The strawberries really looks so yummy. thanks for the comment you left in my blog

  9. Wild Raspberries? I didn't know they still existed. Little rubies in the wild.


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