Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter in the Garden

We are in Winter now. Not much going on in the Garden. Our first Snow came Sunday the 17 Jan. It was just flurries with not sticking to the ground. The temps are still in the teens and twenties. Still waiting for that big storm. I do think the new wall look good even in the winter. That is not snow it is rocks. I think we made a good choice using them. It is much easier to maintain.

In November we had a sewage line break. so the Front sidewalk was removed to do the repairs. We made a Deck bridge to put there for the winter. However in the spring we will have to repair the sidewalk in front.

Sometime I would love to have a four season garden. There is a lot of planning for that. It might take a few years to develop it. Still in the thought progress.

As for now the spring and summer project are in development. Replacing the fence, Grass replacement in the front and the driveway and sidewalk repairs.

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