Saturday, January 23, 2016

The First Real Winter Storm

We were told a Blizzard was on its way. I doubted them. So many times the weather forecaster have predicted weather conditions that never appear in our town. Sometimes north of us and some times south in DC.

Well I will have to admit It looks like we will be getting that Blizzard. This is what we got since yesterday evening.

This is a covered front porch, the steps are not covered

The Porch, the snow was blown in here. This is the covered part

I opened the door, this amount was blown on the porch.

Backyard, it is still snowing.

that is an 18 inch stone wall.

We still have one more day of snow.  Now it is time for Cinnamon Bread and Hot Chocolate. We plan on Hunkering down for the weekend,  Movies and Great Winter Food.

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