Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frigid air today!

The weather has begun to show signs of Christmas. It is very windy and the temps are at freezing today. We are expecting a little flurries tonight. We have started putting up the lights outside. We purchased some new things this year. One of them is a Giant Nutcracker. I think He looks great guarding the house. The photo is one from the Christmas village at Williamsburg Virginia. When we were there, I love seeing them at the gate to one of the villages.
We saw one at the local Home improvement store and brought him home with us. Looking at it now I think I will have to look for some peppermint canes and disk to add to the decorations out front.

Our neighbor was out yesterday putting up lights also. We chatted a little to catch up on the news in our families. Everyone has been so busy since school has begun, that it is hard to visit. The weather was pretty nice yesterday a prefect day to put up some lights.

We dropped our daughter at a friends house and they had all their outside lights up . That really inspired us to get started. So much to do today, we still have the back wonderland to do. I hope to show photo of the outside later this week.

How are you doing with Outside decorating? Or are you not doing any this year?. If you are not I completely understand. We haven't done any since 2008. Now we are getting back to a normal feeling and enjoying the holidays again. This is the first year since the 2008 event that we are in the spirit of Christmas.

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