Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's March -Wind Chime Time

With March comes March Winds. The sounds of chimes blowing in the wind. I love my Chimes, have several different ones in my yard.
Note:the blogger screens are black at first, press play button and the video starts immediately.

This one I got From my Sister-n-law many years ago.
Play time 18 seconds

While at Virginia Beach I purchased this one.
Play time 25 seconds

I have had this one for a long time, can't remember where is got it. It's old and rusty but, stills makes a sound.
Play time 14 seconds

A few years ago this butterfly came in the mail. Still flies in the wind.
Play time 9 seconds

Now play them all at once starting with the longest to the shortest playing time. You will hear what I hear in the March winds.


  1. that is so amazing! I actually did listen to the separately and then all together. What a beautiful, joyous sound! I love the one you got in Virginia beach the most! I only have one bamboo one and that one drives my husband nuts. If I had it my way, I would be hearing what you hear all day!

  2. Love it - this was way cool!! And also, just FYI, March is National Women's History Month!! I found some fun facts and finds and did post on it today! Happy Monday to all!

  3. Love it - my mom used to have wind chimes at her house... and they were quite the symphony! Heather from Couponning101
    Acting Balanced

  4. I love wind chimes. I listened to all of yours and I like the butterfly one the best.

  5. I like the tones of the first one the best with the last one coming in a close second.

  6. I would not dare hang mine in our March winds. Late April they will come out to play.

  7. How MARVELOUS! I love the sound of wind chimes and yours are magnificent ... separately and together. Thanks so much for sharing ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,


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