Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -Christmas Cactus

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This Christmas cactus is about five years old. Every year it Blooms from Later November through February. Blooming longer than must do. I keep it out in the Sun room. The lighting and temp is perfect for it. I do not turn the heat on until the temp out side remains in the 30 and below. Then the heater stove is set to 63. Once she starts to bloom I will feed her. I have several photos for you, you can enlarge them for a closer view.

She was just budding here.
I placed her on the stove so I could get a good photo.
Normally she is high up on a shelve by the window.

Look closely to see the buds. Some are just starting.

Now they are starting to open up.
The Ball is a watering device that works well in distributing the nourishment to her

This is the flower in full bloom
you can enlarge her for a closer view.


  1. Beautiful blooming plant. The last photo really shows the detail of the buds close up...Happy RT!

  2. I have the same plant. Mine does not flower until February. Beats me why.

  3. I call mine the Thanksgiving cactus since they both bloom in late November. The flowers are so wonderfully complicated...I love looking at them. Nice choice for RT.

  4. It won't be long and those buds will turn into beautiful flowers. Happy RT!

  5. Very pretty blooms. Our (much smaller) Christmas cactus bloomed right before Thanksgiving.

    Does it need special food?

    Great shots for Ruby Tuesday.

  6. Beautiful !My Mom had one when I was a child that bloomed every year .

  7. Ah so it's called Christmas Cactus. I have this plant on the window and it's just starting to bud. It has only a few branches unlike yours. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Very pretty. I don't think I've ever seen one in real life.

  9. Auntie E, how lucky to have this beautiful Christmas cactus blooming as it should! :)

  10. Your Christmas cactus is just beautiful. Mine isn't even close to have beautiful blooms on it like yours.


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