Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Rainy Day

Kathys Comments

For two days now it has been raining. So glad we worked on the leaves over the weekend. Rain can be very good for working in the raised beds. I have one I want to clean out and plant some bulbs for the spring. The bed will be moist enough to work soon.
My Dad lives in Virginia on the coast. Tropical Storm Ida is really beating the coastline. They are considering this an Nor'easter. I have phone Dad and he is hanging in there. Meanwhile here, the winds every now and then are gusting. I looked out the glass door and saw my Deck chairs going across the deck. As if they were being pushed my someone. I did go out and fold them down, do not want to loose them. We will ride this storm out, wish I could be with my Dad. I hate not being close enough to help him out. Pray he will not loose his electricity. That reminds me I need to call him about turning on his cell.


  1. I absolutely love your photo with the rain coming down! It didn't even make your blog load slowly. Very pretty.

  2. Auntie E, you're having the same weather as I am here in Queens, NY. I have leaves piled up all over the place. I love Kathy's graphics. I showed one off at James's Weekend Reflections last week! have a great weekend! :)


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