Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Tree at Montezuma

While Visiting Arizona, we stopped at Montezuma National Park. There I saw the strangest tree. Close up it looked like a type used for the Camouflage Uniform our military uses. I did not know what type of tree it was. I knew that the area had some big trees (Giant Redwoods), however I had never seen these. Do some of you remember the song "Zacchaeus ".. the Lord God(Jesus Christ) was teaching in Jericho according the the scriptures, Luke 19:1-6...Zacchaeus,as the song goes, wanted to see the Lord so he climb up the sycamore tree. These are Sycamore Trees. I will say if the trees then was as large as I saw, one can really see far!

Take a look at how large these trees are .In this photo there are People standing near by. You can enlarge these photos to see the massiveness of the Sycamores.

Now look at the knots on the Sycamore Tree, They are so smooth. One can only wonder was it a branch that didn't happen? Enlarge it and take a closer view.

Now look at the wrinkles in the tree. It amazed me they looks as if one can brush them out. I believe these are for the growth of the tree. Or are they Wrinkles of Age? This one you need to enlarge it is so amazing! Then go back to the previous photo and look closely at the wrinkles.

Now here are some fact about the Arizona Sycamore Tree. What do you think? Ever seen anything like these?


  1. Amazing picks..I especially love the third kind of looks like someone has put a jumper on the tree and forgot to pull it straight...I must say our British sycamores are just plain boring in comparison!!

  2. These trees have personality and dress in desert fatigues! Great captures.

  3. I love trees and these are really interesting.


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