Tuesday, August 11, 2009

LaPosada- Flowers

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While at La Posada Hotel I took these. They were in the outskirts of the Courtyard Garden I posted previously.
Click on each photo for a larger view

The flowers reminded me so much of a Hibiscus (Rose of Sharon) tree I have at home. Only they were a stalk type flower. I really liked the stalk variety. I will post the Rose of Sharon Later this week.


  1. I love flower pics they give me ideas for my garden when I finally get my own house. Thanks for sharing :D

  2. Auntie E, they are called hollyhocks where I come from! Happy Ruby Tuesday! Thanks for sharing and playing! :)

  3. What a beautiful hotel and garden. Love those flowers with various shades of red!! Enjoy the day...

  4. That's one I know too! They're called Hollyhocks, and I love them! Your pictures are beautiful Auntie E!

  5. Yes, hollyhocks is what I recall. We have hibiscuses around here. I will try to photograph some and post them.

    Your pictures are wonderful!

  6. I like the hotel buildings. They have class and are true to their origin.
    The cobbled circular plaza well groomed, and of course beautiful flowers.
    Bet you had a good time staying there.
    From Felisol

  7. Nice series, especially the third shot.

  8. We call them hollyhocks and I love them. If you pick the flower and turn it upside down it looks like a ballet dancer.

  9. I love hollyhocks. They're an old-fashioned flower perfect for country gardens. ;-)

  10. I love how you take us from the whole stalk to the individual bloom. Lovely. I haven't grown hollyhocks in many years. I have the Rose of Sharon too.
    It must have been wonderful staying at this hotel. Such beautiful surroundings in warm colors. Thanks for sharing the gardens with us.
    Lovely images!


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