Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting the Pool Ready

The weather is not quite warm enough here. Some days are hot and some are not. That means the time is coming to Get the pool ready. We have a Tuff Pool, purchased in 2005. It is a great Pool. the set up was very easy, Once we initially set it up,we haven't had to do it again.
It has a twenty year warranty. Has no liner so there is no extra expense to replace the liner, no dry rot! Our winter are not too bad here, although we have had below zero temps. I drain the water out of the pool just below the outtake pipe. and cover it for the winter. It weathers wells.
I really like doing Water Aerobic in it. In the Summer I work out every day. Therefore I want to get started as soon as possible.


  1. Pools are so great to have in hot months, but are usually hard to upkeep.

    That's cool that Tuff pools don't have liners! They seem so much easier to care for than in ground pools.

  2. i wish we had a pool. the weather only stays hot for a couple of months thats probably why!


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