Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Building the deck.

Last year we added a deck on the house. I really like it, reading, grilling and sitting out in the evenings have been a joy. There is not much flat surface in our yard. Adding the deck had given us extra flat space. We had a portion of it contracted and did the extension and lower decks ourselves. There was an existing part connected to the hot tub house. So we added to that, taking it to the shed (which we constructed ourselves 4 years ago). Four years ago we installed the lights also, we had to move and lift the one by the hot tub. So much work but well worth it.



    Munchkin Lands Garden has won Second Place in Lola's Victory Garden Contest!

    Please stop by and check out your booty.

  2. Beautiful! We had our deck constructed last year and we are now ready to stain it. If you could give me an idea of what brand did you use to stain yours I would really appreciate it. Thanks. My husband is planning to use Olympia (i think) but not sure how good it is.


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