Monday, April 27, 2009

Preparing the Garden Bed.

One thing I have learn to do when starting a New Bed is, to invest in a good soil. Then the key is to put a type of lawn fabric down. Leave it down for one week. Watering the soil with a good fertilizer solution every day in the morning. Now the soil is prepared for Plants. You can leave the fabric in place, or remove it and use again. I found using this technique help cut down on the weeds and unwanted plants. The plants also had a good start. The soil was conditioned enough to work with. Pulling unwanted growth was easier, and I did not have to buy the costly Garden Soil.

I enjoy reading Lola's Victory Garden blog. Go Take A Look. Nice Photos and instructions.

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  1. Great tip! That is exactly what we are doing. In fact, we are really being frugal in that we bought the landscape fabric, we will be covering our newly extended vegetable garden space with it to kill the grass, then we will roll it up and put it around our lilac bushes by the deck to prevent the grass from poking through the landscape rock we plan to put around the bushes.

    Thanks for the entry! Good luck to you!



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